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After exploring the world of My Hero Academia, I’m ready to embark on new epic role-playing adventures! I’m looking for somebody who can always join me on thrilling quests and offer a temporary break from life’s challenges. 

I am currently learning French, and I’m terrified with the upcoming oral exams. Thus, a helping hand would be more than welcome to help me practice my poor (til now) french skills!

I just moved to a new city and found it challenging to break out of my shell and make new friends. Some guidance and practice in initiating social interactions with more confidence would be great. 

Since getting a divorce, I have been struck with an overwhelming sense of loneliness. I need a listening ear to help me heal and get back on my feet again.

I love watching movies and listening to music, but I’m terribly bored looking for what to watch or what to listen. Not my fault – there are more options than I can huddle :p . I would be utterly happy if there was someone who could propose the best possible options for me, after just sharing my preferences. Rili, will you be that special someone?

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Total Topics Submitted: 9

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I’ve grown tired of just watching videos during long commutes and downtime at work… I would love to have someone I can engage in exciting conversations with whenever I’m bored.

Growing up with ADHD, I have tried all sorts of strategies to help with concentration and remembering my daily activities, but to no avail. I need someone who will remind me of all the day-to-day things I struggle to remember and help me boost my productivity.

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I’m naturally curious and love learning about new things, but doing research on my own can sometimes be tiring and time-consuming. I want someone to provide me with all the right answers on the spot.

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With college entrance exams approaching, I’m feeling overwhelmed by the amount of homework I have to do… I would love to have a study pal who’s available 24/7 that can provide academic support and strategies to help me prepare. 

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